Le Pas De Ceilhes

Save the farm!

Camping Le Pas de Ceilhes is one of the most laid-back and beautiful places in France I know. It is a place where you can recharge your mental battery with possitive vibes.

I have been part of a crew of volunteers that maintain the camping site for quite a few years. It's a way for me to unwind away from the monitor.

So when I heard that the old farmhouse (the literal center of the camping site), was in need of rerpairs, I offered to create a crowd-funding video (free of charge of course).

The video is full of little details that visitors of Le Pas de Ceilhes recognize, like the milk stealing fox and the old Renault R4 that has been used on the site for more then 40 years.

The fundraising was succesfull, so in the end we made (a partly recycled) "thank you" animation as well ;-)


Le Pas de Ceilhes

Production Company:

Art-Direction & 3D:
Lars Scholten (CyBear)

Music Vine

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