Brakel Wandsystemen

Brakel Wandsystemen approached CyBear to create 3D models of their Qube range. These were high-res visualisations for a upcomming printed catalogue. The only issue; there were no reallife photos of them yet.

Brakel supplied CyBear with 2D CAD files (*.DWG) which were then turned into 3D models by CyBear (and a lot of back-and-forth of course). These models were rendered in multiple different office environments.

The big cheese was a double page spread of the Qubes inside a industrial complex. This render measured a wopping 7086x2125 pixels.


We had a lot of freedom for the art direction and the project was finished in the set timeframe. I must admit I was very happy to receive the first print of their new catalogue. it looked fantastic.

Some models in this project were acquired from Turbosquid. Most of them needed a lot of reworking. All the cubes were created by CyBear. The entire project was rendered with Coron Render on a single iMac.


Brakel Wandystemen

Production Company:

Art-Direction, 3D Animation:
Lars Scholten (CyBear)

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