About CyBear

Freelance CG Artist
Lars Scholten (CyBear) is a freelance CG artist and trainer based in Amsterdam. He works close together with other freelancers on joint projects for clients like Netflix, Ziggo Sport, Liberty Global, Vodafone, Disney XD and several Dutch TV networks. He is specialises in Modeling, Rigging (Xpresso, MoGraph, Dynamics) and Rendering. 

Certified Trainer
With more then a decade of training experience, Maxon appointed him as Lead Instructor for Cinema 4D in the Netherlands. He provided training not only in The Netherlands, but also Germany, Belgium, Sweden, India, China, Philipines, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Besides personal training, CyBear shares his knowledge on 3D and visual effects on trade shows, events and short tutorials on Vimeo.