Custom InCompany Training

As a MAXON Certified Master trainer CyBear provides hands-on training in Cinema 4D, Blender, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Printing with Cura and ChituBox as well as Marvelous Designer. We can cover simple subjects as a basics training as well as advanced training in Rigging, Rendering and Simulations.

Contact us at: for information or a quote.


Classroom Training

CyBear works close together with College Of MultiMedia. We are directly responsible for the lesson material used in the short Cinema 4D and Blender training courses as well as the 3D producer course. We also provide training in 3D Printing!

For more information, check Maxon-training or Blender Basics for short courses and 3D Producer for the extended course. 

Online Training

CyBear also works together with Here you can find multiple Dutch spoken tutorial series for Cinema 4D. Check Everlearn for the best Dutch online Cinema 4D training.