CG Training

newBearCG training since 2003
CyBear specialises in hands-on training in Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator and Marvelous Designer. Training is definitely not some side job. I have more then 10 years and +3000 hours of classroom experience in CG training.

Certifications & Credentials
I am a Maxon Certified Trainer and Lead Instructor The Netherlands. For Adobe I am certified as Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Illustrator. I take the quality of training very seriously and constantly upgrading my skills via various sources. You don’t have to take my word for it, just take a look at the work of my students. I work with the latest software versions and get annually updated on new features by Maxon and Adobe.  For more information about my credentials, check my LinkedIn page. I offer multiple forms of training on site or at College of MultiMedia (CMM) in Amsterdam.



Personal Training

kitchen_vray_10Different clients, different workflows
Since the application of 3D software is very diverse, it is impossible to cover every topic in detail in a standardised course. Many of my clients ask for a customised personal training with topics that are crucial for their specific workflow. Simply put; architects have interest in different subjects then Motion Graphics Designers.

Your personal CG training
I develop custom training schedules that cover my clients field of interest. Most of the time I train these on site with the clients projects as part of the training material. Often the training is split over multiple days in a number of weeks. This way trainees can put the gained knowledge into practice and grow further in the next segment of the training.

So what can we cover?
The following list of past customised trainings will show you a variety of options, but there are far more possibilities. I also provide training in, Marvelous Designer, Character Rigging, Character Animation, 3D Printing from Cinema 4D, xPresso, Bodypaint, Rendering, Integration with After Effects, Avanced Modeling, x-particles, a variety of Plug-ins, etc etc. For more information about the possibilities, please contact me.

Motion Graphics (MoGraph) for Cinema 4DSBS6, MTV, Eyeworks , Titus Motion Design, Polygon Productions
Cinema 4D and After EffectsRTL, Telegraaf
Modeling and Sculpting for medical animations in Cinema 4D University of Maastricht
Rendering and Lighting in Cinema 4D Verjo
Cinema 4D Workflow OptimalisationQuadia
Rendering and Lighting for architecture in Cinema 4DSimone Königshausen
Illustrator for Fashion Designers Noppies
Proofing documents for press in IllustratorBlikvanger, Michael Fargarden

3D Producer

3D Producer Reader 2015Although not my brain child, I have adopted and raised this course as one of my own. I have been developing and training the education 3D Producer (3DP) for more then 10 years now. 3DP is a education of 45 lessons, providing you with a extensive knowledge of Cinema 4D and 3D animation. 3DP will give you a solid foundation for working with not only Cinema 4D, but also other 3D applications. Currently 3D Producer is trained by Emile de Lat, but I swoop in often to replace him for certain lessons.

The main topics are: modeling, 3D printing, texture mapping, lighting, animation, 3D Workflow, simulation, compositing, rendering and xPresso.

Students who graduate 3DP will receive a certificate from Maxon and become a Maxon Certified Artist.

3D Producer is hosted bij College of MultiMedia and runs every half year on Tuesday and Thursday evening. More information on this eduction and enrolment can be found on

C4D Basics

Oopen Day CMMC4D Basics is a Cinema 4D training aimed at people who are looking for a fast way to start with Cinema 4D. It is not as thorough as the 3D producer education and more focussed on the “how” then the “why”.

In the Cinema 4D Basics the following topics are covered:

Day 1Day 2Day 3
Navigation in the Cinema 4D InterfacePolygon Modeling ToolsTexturing theory
PrimitivesSplines TheoryMaterial Channels
Polygon SelectionsSpline Modeling ToolsShaders
Polygon ModelingSpline GeneratorsTexture Projections

For more information and enrolment visit cmm.

C4D Practitioner

Student workC4D Practitioner is the continuation of Cinema 4D Basics, a training aimed at people who are looking for a fast way to start with Cinema 4D. In the Cinema 4D Practitioner course the following topics are covered:

Day 1Day 2Day 2
Light TheoryCamera TheoryRendering Theory
Creating a 3 point light rigCamera AnimationParticles
Lighting a productAnimation TheoryDynamics Theory
Lighting a interiorWorking with KeyframesFinal Assignment
Working with F-Curves

For more information and enrolment visit cmm.

C4D Bundle

This bundle is a combination of the Cinema 4D Basics and Cinema 4D Practitioner training. For more information and enrolment visit cmm.

Illustrator Complete

Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 Classroom in a book

The official course description:
The three-day course Illustrator CC Complete is based on the book “Adobe Illustrator Professional – Classroom in a Book”. The Course is part of the official training series from Adobe and published their software. Illustrator CC Complete course is taught by a Adobe Certified Trainer, which the software itself used daily and therefore always up to date with the latest tips and tricks in his field).

After completion of the course Illustrator CC Complete the participant has sufficient knowledge and skills to independently create and edit graphic images, such as illustrative drawings, graphics products, and technical drawings. Illustrator CC Complete training is therefore suitable for both professional designers and illustrators as users engaged graphics work as a hobby or within office applications.

A few remarks form my side:
I’m not a Adobe Certified Trainer, but a Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). I also tend to deviate from the script, since quite a few techniques in the book can be achieved with a more convenient approach.

For more information and enrolment visit cmm.


Training:Duration:Rates Inc. VAT.:
Customized Training: 1 person1 day (8 hours)Price on request
Customised Training: up to 5 persons1 day (8 hours)Price on request
3D Producer45 x 3 hours (6 months)€ 3.330,00
Cinema 4D Basics3 days€ 995,00
Cinema 4D Practitoner3 days€ 995,00
Cinema 4D Bundle6 days€ 1.695,00
Adobe Illustrator Complete3 days€ 995,00

* Exclusive CyBear’s travel and accommodation expenses. Discounts apply on longer training paths.