Disney XD Sinterklaas Ident

Kreukvrij was asked by Disney XD Netherlands to take care of the Sinterklaas On Air Channel design. The design package consits of idents; commercial break bumpers, promo openers and endings. A nice big package and creating them was good fun! CyBear was responsible for most of the modeling and rigging in this project.

Client: The Walt Disney Company Benelux
Senior Manager On Air & Production: Nancy Theunissen (The Walt Disney Company Benelux)
Promo Producer: Ilian van Beurden (The Walt Disney Company Benelux)
Production Company: Kreukvrij

OIaf Gremie

Olaf Gremie & Marius Denisse

3d modeling:
Lars Scholten & Marius Denisse

3d rigging:
Lars Scholten

Music Composer:
Vincent van Rooijen

Disney XD: Sinterklaas 2016 Ident Pakjesboot from CyBear on Vimeo.

Disney XD: Sinterklaas 2016 Ident Amerigo from CyBear on Vimeo.

Disney XD: Sinterklaas 2016 On Air Elements from CyBear on Vimeo.