Marvelous Designer Training

Marvelous Designer Training

Marvelous Designer (MD) is a 3D cloth design and simulation software. Although the rendering capabilities of the software are limited, in a pipeline with other 3D software like Cinema 4D it is very useful to create apparel as well as other cloth based objects like curtains, pillows, duvets and blankets.

Marvelous Designer has been embraced by the industry for it’s accurate results and otherwise very expensive and hard to do simulation properties.  We offer Marvelous Designer training as a customised- or online training.

Customised Marvelous Designer Training

Your personal Marvelous Designer Training
A customised training is without any doubt the most flexible training that we offer. A training session can be spoken in English or Dutch. Also you can specify just about anything of the training; the subjects, location and timespan. 

The advantages
When planning a customised training, you can choose for a one-on-one training or a small group (max. 5 people). Whatever works best for you. This means you will receive a lot of personal attention and the opportunity to ask questions that are not directly related to the pre-defined topics. In other words, sidetracking is allowed. 

The major advantage of a customised training is the opportunity to choose your own topics of interest. This most often means that the training is condensed to only the topics that have any value to you and can be implemented in your workflow.

If choosing the topics sounds intimidating, we can look at your workflow and provide you with a training topic proposal. The last sentence can literally be broken down to a client sending us a image; “I wanna make this” and CyBear sending back a topic list; “Then you need to learn this”.

So what can we cover?
We provide training in the basics of MD, Designing and drawing clothing, simulation, export of models and the bridge between Marvelous Designer and Cinema 4D.

Training days normally cover 7 hours of training. Shorter training sessions are possible (evenings after office hours), but this strongly depends on the location of the training location because of travel expenses.

Training days do not have to be consecutive. Many trainees like to have a few days between training days so they can practice and prepare for the next training day. This also will give the participants time to run into problems and ask about them the next training day.

Training Location

Customised training can be planned just about anywhere, and we really mean anywhere. CyBear has trained in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, India, Singapore and the Philippines to attendants from the mentioned countries as well as France, Spain, Portugal, United States, China, Taiwan and Australia.

We know that our free video tutorials are being watched by people from all over the world, but are especially populair in South Korea (?!?).

Anyway; most of the time we provide training in the Netherlands and visit our clients at their office. If a office does not suit a lesson environment, other training locations can be provided like Groeten van Marc, just to name one.

Please keep in mind that training in a international location is better planned consecutive to keep the traveling and acommodation expenses low.

Online Training

If you are located outside The Netherlands and a customised training on location is not in the budget scope, please contact us for the possibilities for online training on Skype or GoToMeet.