CG Consultancy

A clogged CG pipeline

While working on a project you run into problems. Rendering take ages, modeling does just not look real, setting up scenes take forever and you run into problems with your file management. And for some reason, that damn render farm just wont accept your files. You have ended up with a clogged 3D animation pipeline. To complete the project you are forced work trough evenings, weekends and say bye bye to your social life for a while. When you finally receive your payment and recalculate the hours/income ratio, you find that you worked for a rate equal to the wage of a 13 year old paperboy. No time to recap though, the next project is already coming up.

A example how a simple animation can go horribly wrong

The following student project shows the importance of thorough knowledge when it comes to rendering. In this project 1 frame took 180 minutes to render. After I optimized the scene without any quality loss, 1 frame was ready in just 6,5 seconds (38 minutes for the entire animation of 350 frames). If my math is correct this a factor of 1708(!).

Heavy Render









1280×720 pixels, No lighting | 1 frame: +/- 11100 sec. (185 min.)

1280×720 pixels, Physical sky lighting | 1 frame: 6,5 sec.

The culprit were a few Subdivision Surface Objects with their Render Subdivisions set to 6, parented on top of each other and resulting in just over 6.000.000 unnecessary polygons to calculate.

Technical Cinema 4D Consultancy

Dont do this

There are quite a few little devils in Cinema 4D that can bring your projects to a screeching halt. I know because I have been there. Besides my own screw-ups I have checked a lot of student projects for flaws (I lost count, but at least 600 or so). I have documented thoroughly were projects technically can go wrong. A small example is shown above. I am happy to share this knowledge.

CG Consultancy
So you can say that CG Consultancy is all about optimizing your workflow. Consultancy most often takes two days. One day of researching the current workflow and documenting the weak points. The second day is a training specific aimed at avoiding these problems in the future.

Crisis Management
But you run into troubles and need help NOW! In these cases I can visit and scan the project on technical flaws. Of course I can not guarantee a positive outcome of a project already on a crash course. What I can do is help steering the project in the right direction before things get bad. Also, I’m not a tech guy. I do not repair workstations. Contact me for the possibilities.