Disney XS Sinterklaas Ident

Disney XD Sinterklaas Ident

Kreukvrij was asked by Disney XD Netherlands to take care of the Sinterklaas On Air Channel design. The design package consits of idents; commercial break bumpers, promo openers and endings. A nice big package and creating them was good fun! CyBear was responsible for most of the modeling and rigging in this project. CREDITS Client:[…]

Liberty Global Spark VR

Liberty Global Spark

Kreukvrij was asked by Liberty Global to create an movie for their Spark! innovation initiative. Spark! is an innovation platform. The purpose of the platform is to give ideas of every employee the chance to to grow and be implemented in the company. We translated this in “A small push can move big things” and[…]

UPC 3x

UPC 3x Sneller

In this commercial, CyBear created after some heavy R&D the particle systems and most of the dynamics controllers. We also worked on the lighting, texture mapping and a few of the animation blocks. Art Direction and Post Production was in the capable hands of Kreukvrij. UPC 3X Sneller from CyBear on Vimeo.

Radio Veronica

Radio Veronica

For this commercial, I created 3D models of the characters to get a 3D depth effect, without getting to ‘CG-ish’. The characters are rigged to accomplish very small movements in their limbs. Concept, art direction and compositing by Kreukvrij. Radio Veronica Commercial from CyBear on Vimeo.

UPC Tutorial

UPC Tutorial

For this video, CyBear created all the 3D models, texturing, light rigs and basic animation blocking. Art Direction, animation polishing and post production were done by Kreukvrij. UPC Installation from CyBear on Vimeo.

Decima Animation

Decima Animation

In order to develop, people rapidly need to understand and grasp the information available to them. Business Animations, offering high standards, objectivity and transparency, will answer this need through attractive, clear, dynamic and efficient presentations. Business Animations are quick to produce, durable, easy to adjust/alter and aim to revolutionary change the way we perceive and[…]

Sky Radio

Sky Radio Commercial

For this commercial I created many of the models as well as the rigging for the unfolding of the house, supermarket, car and palmtree. Art Direction and compositing was done by Kreukvrij. SkyRadio Gratis Leven from CyBear on Vimeo.


Fietsmodus: Rijskoverheid

The credits for the realization of this animation go to Kreukvrij and illustrator Iwan Smit. My contribution in this project is quite limited, but still I want to show it since it is so stylish and beatiful. For this animation I created a rig for the twirling cartoon hand and the heads of the ‘car[…]

UPC Winter WOnderland

UPC Winter Wonderland Promo

For this promo I rigged several snow crystals with multiple morph targets. Concept, art-direction and compositing by Kreukvrij. Winter Wonderland from CyBear on Vimeo.

Ativa Website Animation

Ativa, website animation

A website animation for the car manufacturer Ativa. The car was created with Cinema 4D, X-particles and After Effects. Since this animation was for website use, no sound was added. Art Direction, animation polishing and Compositing by Kreukvrij. Ativa Website Animation from CyBear on Vimeo.

Volkswagen Brazil

Volkswagen Brazil, Commercial

For this commercial the client wanted to have a person jump from platform to platform above a large city, in first person. After testing some city presets, we decided to create a stylish city with our own models in a more stylish manner. Commercial Volkswagen, Brazil from CyBear on Vimeo.

Alles Kids Leader

Alles Kids Leader

Art direction and post-production were done by Kreukvrij. For this leader CyBear created most of the 3D models. Models like the lights were completely rigged for character animation. The lie-detector was actually drawing the print in 3D. Alles Kids Leader from CyBear on Vimeo.

De Wereld Draait Door Promo

De Wereld Draait Door Promo

Wouw Motion Design¬†asked CyBear to develop a rig of a planet made of separate pages that could each contain it’s own content. In this leader, the rig was created with MoGraph and some advanced xPresso to create easy usability for the animators. For this leader, Wouw takes the credit for the art-direction, final animation and[…]