CyBear on IBC

CyBear presented for Maxon an array of Plug-ins for Cinema 4D. Here you will find a rewind of this 45 minute presentation.

New CyBear Website is online

Yes! Finally! We updated our website! With our new WordPress theme it becomes a lot easier to keep you up to date  on news, events and tutorials. On this last part; soon we will start to create quite a few of these. First we will (finally) finish the PlugInfo series of 4 videos, which now only contains 2. Also we will work on a more advanced series on the new IO Griptools plug-in. 

With this new site you will have fast access to our tutorials which are now directly linked to the CyBear Vimeo account.

You will also find more information about the diverse software training that we provide and information about our recent new collaborations with Everlearn, Doesum and Eduvision.

So lot’s of stuff to do and see. Maybe we can finally work on our showreel… nah…

New Cinema 4D course at Everlearn

We are very proud to announce our first Dutch online training series. In collaboration with CyBear created a eighteen hour online training covering all the basics of Cinema 4D.

This training series consists of 4 parts which cover polygon modeling, materials, lighting and animation.

Instead of buying all the series separate, You can also get all 4 modules in a advantage bundle. Interested? Click here for more information

Back from a masterclass in Singapore

Singapore Training

CyBear was invited by IM Innovations to Singapore to provide a Cinema 4D Motion Graphics Masterclass at the 3D Media Studio (Maxon Competence Center).

The masterclass was attended by 15 Motion Graphics Specialists from three broadcast stations in Singapore. In three days we covered advanced keyframe animation, MoGraph and Dynamic Simulations. 

The students were amazing, and I hope to return next year for more advanced Cinema 4D training.