3D Portfolio | XS4ALL – 5 Jaar

XS4ALL 5 jaar from CyBear on Vimeo.


  • Creatives: Olaf van der Geld, Renoud Netjes
  • Original pie design: Van Santen & Bolleurs
  • Director: Olaf Gremie (Kreukvrij)
  • RTV Producer: Monique Neuteboom
  • 3d: Olaf Gremie (Kreukvrij), Lars Scholten (CyBear)


To celebrate the fact that xs4all is the best provider, we created this pie animation. The pie idea came from a previous xs4all campaign (they have a lot to celebrate). The old pie was already been eaten, so we had to create a new one!

The biggest challenge here for CyBear was the fact that the 3D model could not deviate form the original model of van Santen & Bolleurs. Many of the models in the original model had to be sourced back and created from scratch since they were not available on 3D Stock sites like Turbosquid. Since every object would be up-close for a longer time, we could not cut any corners when it came to modeling. Everything had te be picture perfect. Especially the computer mouse on the top of the cake proved to be challenge and we used Moi3D to draw the basic shapes.

Although the modeling was quite challenging, it was a cool project to work on. A little easter-egg: the model of the banana is a optimised version of the one in the fruitbasket assignment of Jeremey Birn.