3D Portfolio | Shell – Saltwater Cars

Shell Salt Water Car Teaser 2018 from CyBear on Vimeo.


  • Client: Shell
  • Agency: Vigics
  • Art Direction, 3D Animation, Compositing, Audio & Editing : Vigics
  • All the other 3D stuff: Lars Scholten (CyBear)


This was a genuinely a really cool project to work on. There were quite a few problems to solve, like the conversion of the CAD models of the toys to hero models, and the rigging of the motion of the cars.

It seemed that a realistic rotation of the wheels did not achieve the look we were looking for. Therefore we cheated with the math a bit to reduce the cartwheel effect. I really enjoyed the fact that we could freely experiment with the stance of the cars and camera positions to make them really look like bad-ass machines.

The biggest challenge was the first conversion to the Octane render engine. It did pay of to switch from the default C4d engine to achieve the visual results we had in mind. It was quite rough switch to PC from Apple and find a decent render farm, but with the results we got, we will never look back.

The guys at Vigics were a pleasure to work with and we hope to join them in projects in the future.