About Me

CyBear: freelancing since 2003
About Me

Lars Scholten (CyBear) is a freelance CG artist and trainer based in Amsterdam. He works close together with other freelancers on joint projects for clients like KLM, Liberty Global and several Dutch TV networks. He is specialises in modeling, rigging and rendering. With more then a decade of training experience, Maxon appointed him as Lead Instructor for Cinema 4D in the Netherlands. Besides personal training, he often shares his knowledge on 3D and visual effects on trade shows, events and short tutorials on Vimeo.

Our focus

CyBear is specialized in training CG software and creating CG Imagery.
CG Training

CyBear has more then 10 years experience in hands-on training and presentations. We provide training in any field of Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator or Marvelous Designer.


CyBear helps companies to optimize their 3D workflow with techniques that result in faster results and higher efficiency.

CG Animation

CyBear creates 3D animations like commercials, trailers, leaders, infographics and explanimations for several costumers.

CG Visualisation

CyBear delivers 2D and 3D stills for just about any medium or application.


Where does the Koala hang out today?
May 7 & 8 – 2018: AV Festival
May 7 & 8 – 2018: AV Festival
Meet me at the AV Festival in Amsterdam! I will train you the basic fundaments of Cinema 4D for Motion Graphics and answer any C4D related questions.
C4D Compact Crash Course! 7 JUNI 2018 – 15:00 – 16:00
8 JUNI 2018 – 14:00 – 15:00
June 19 to 23: Singapore Pixel Studios
June 19 to 23: Singapore Pixel Studios
In June I will visit Singapore to provide a 3 day masterclass in Motion Graphics at Pixel Studio’s
If you want to know every detail about MoGraph, Dynamics and particles: this is your chance to learn it first hand.
4 & 5 October: Playgrounds
4 & 5 October: Playgrounds
At Playgrounds Festival I will Join Maxon in their booth and demonstrate the possibilities of Cinema 4D.
Enter the Raffle and grab the chance of winning a license of Cinema 4D!


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